Department of Music (offering bachelor's , master's and doctoral degree programs)

B.M. Program

The goal of the Department of Music is to cultivate outstanding music performers and composers. Students receive individual instruction through private lessons.
Major disciplines include: Composition, Keyboard, Voice, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion. After 26 years of implementation and continual development, the Department remains committed to its founding principles, and has also formed a pathway of Music Education which is unique to TNUA.
The work- which ranges from the management of Departmental Affairs, the engagement of Faculty members, to the design of its Curriculum - prioritizes in connecting the music disciplines with the humanities, and maintaining a balance between, traditional/ local art and contemporary creations.? It is a continual goal of the Department to keep abreast of the developments in music across the board, so that the training given & received at the Department, rivals any other top-rate counterpart in the world.
Members of the Faculty are all renowned musicians, and the Department is proud to honor the many alumni who have made their niche in society.

M.M. and M.A. Programs
The Department of Music offers Master's Degree in Music for 4 majors: Composition, Piano, Voice and Conducting.
The Composition program stresses creativity, and is rooted deeply in a strong academic foundation.? Students are challenged to open their minds, develop their skills and methodology, and analyze musical works.
The programs for Piano, Voice & Conducting aim to further develop students both in their technique and academic research, as well as analysis.
The M.A. program for Professional Training offers two majors- Music Pedagogy and Musicology.
Students who complete courses in either of the disciplines receive M.A. degrees.

D.M.A. & Ph.D. Programs
Inaugurated in 2001, the D.M.A. & Ph.D. programs aim to further develop and stimulate students’ critical thinking, and analytical mind through an integrated training in Western and Eastern music?.
Degree programs include musicology, composition, and performance (Piano, Violin and Percussion).


Graduate Institute of Orchestral Instruments

M.M. program
The Graduate Institute of Orchestral Instruments admits students majoring in Winds, Strings and Percussion.
Students continue to develop skills both, in performance and analysis to bring them to higher levels of proficiency in performance.? A wide range of Graduate seminars are offered to further engage their minds & broaden their academic understanding.

Graduate Institute of Musicology

M.A .program
The academic framework of the Graduate Institute of Musicology is structured to develop individual thinking & application of research methodology. Areas covered include research in Historical Musicology, Ethnomusicology and Systematic Musicology.

Full-Time Faculty

Composition: Hwang-Long Pan, Nan-Chang Chien, Shyh-Ji Pan, Deh-Ho Lai, Tsung-Hsien Yang, Chung-Kun Hung

Musicology : Mei-chu Wang, Lu-Fen Yen, Rung-Shun Wu, Chyou-Chu Wen

Piano:Sung-Jen Hsu, Tai-Cheng Chen, Rolf-Peter Wille, Mei-Luan Chen, Wen-Ching Lin, Mei-Ling Wang, Constance Kuo-Yuan Lee, Chia-Hui Tsai

Voice:Chia-Yi Lee, Mewas Lin, Chi-Hua Cheng, Chi-Lung Teng

Conducting: Sung-Jen Hsu

Wind: Hwei-Jin Liu, Szu-Yuan Chuang

String: Shien-Ta Su, Nancy Tsung, Min-Yen Chien, Cheng-Tu Su, Dah-O Rau, Sergei Mnojine

Percussion: Tzong-Ching Ju, Sarah Elizabeth Barnes, Shih-San Wu, Pei-Ching Wu

Bachelor's Degree Program
With the finest requirement and diverse selective courses, students are professionally trained while carefully designed eveloping their own interest. The Teaching-Certificate program opened in 2000, and students who comprehend this program will be able to fulfill the requirement for the teacher's license exam.
Requirements for all majors
Forum | Basic Musicianship | Harmony I&Ⅱ | CounterpointⅠ&Ⅱ | Introduction to Traditional Music | Musical Form | Introduction to Western Musical Instruments | History of Western MusicⅠ&Ⅱ | History of Taiwanese Music | History of Chinese Music | Traditional Music
Requirements for different majors

Major | Graduation Recital / Graduation Project | Piano | Score Reading | Musical Analysis | Modern Music | Orchestration | Chorus or Orchestra

Major | Graduation Recital / Graduation Project | Harpsichord、Composition、Voice or Percussion | Chorus or Orchestra | Chamber Music | Vocal Accompanying / Instrumental Accompanying

Major | Graduation Recital / Graduation Project | Piano | Diction Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ | Italian (Ⅰ) (Ⅱ) | Chorus | Acting

Major | Graduation Recital / Graduation Project | Piano | Orchestra | Chamber Music

Major | Graduation Recital / Graduation Project | Piano | Orchestra | Chamber Music

Major | Graduation Recital / Graduation Project | Piano | Major - Percussion | Orchestra | Percussion Ensemble | Ethnic Percussion Music | Chamber Music

Selective Courses
Training of Chinese Opera | Peikuan | Chinese Lyric & Diction | Nankuan | Percussion Improvisation | Library Information of Music | Modern Music | Jazz | Acoustics | Music Aesthetics | Contemporary Ensemble | Others
Master's Degree Program
Department of Music Department of Music Professional Trainning ProgramProfessional Trainning Program
Graduate Institute of Orchestral InstrumentsGraduate School of Orchestral Instruments Graduate Institute of MusicologyGraduate School of Musicology
Requirements for different major
Department of MusicPart-time Master's Program Composition
Forum | Major | Composition Theory Ⅰ | Composition Theory Ⅱ | Schenkerian Analysis | Form & Style of Music | Music Bibliography | Independent Study | Thesis / Composition

Department of MusicProfessional Trainning Program Piano
Forum | Major | Music Bibliography | Piano Literature | Piano Master Class | Graduate Recital

Department of Music Voice
Forum | Major | Music Bibliography | Graduate Recital | Accompanying & Coaching | Literature of German Lieder | Interpretation of Chinese Art Songs | Interpretation and Rehearsing on Operatic Repertoire | Opera Seminar | Opera Studio

Department of Music      Conducting
Forum | Major | Music Bibliography | Graduate Recital | Piano | Orchestra | Score Reading

Part-time Master's ProgramGraduate School of Orchestral Instruments Winds
Forum | Major | Music Bibliography | Graduate Recital | Chamber Music

Professional Trainning ProgramGraduate School of Orchestral Instruments Strings
Forum | Major | Music Bibliography | Orchestra | Chamber Music | String Ensemble | Orchestral Excerpts for Strings | Graduate Seminar | Graduate Recital

Professional Trainning ProgramGraduate School of Orchestral Instruments Percussion
Forum | Major | Music Bibliography | Graduate Recital | Chamber Music | Percussion Seminar

Graduate School of Orchestral InstrumentsGraduate School of Musicology Musicology
Forum | Major | Musicology-Research and Methodology | Form & Style of Music | Independent Study | Musicological Treatise Study | Thesis

Professional Trainning Program      Music Pedagogy
Major | Performance | Independent Study | Music Bibliography | Study on Music Instruction System | Psychology | Creativity | Emotion Management | Thesis

Doctoral Program
Requirements for different major


Major | Seminar on Twentieth Century Composers | Music Theory and Practice | Recital | Thesis

Major | Music Theory and Practice | Seminar | Dissertation

Major | Piano Seminar | Music Theory and Practice | Performance Accomplishment | Thesis

Major | Music Theory and Practice | Chamber Music | Performance Accomplishment | Thesis

Major | Seminar on Traditional Precession | Music Theory and Practice | Chamber Music | Performance Accomplishment | Thesis

Selective courses offered in the following areas
Historical Musicology | Systematic Musicology | Ethnomusicology | Music History | Music Theories | Composition | Specific Research Topics | Others

國立台北藝術大學 音樂學院 音樂學系Department of Music, School of Music, Taipei National University of The Arts